Today I let Diogo from Portugal tell his story about a Vespa Roadtrip from Sintra to North Cape.

Two months, 20684 kilometers and eighteen countries.

Diogo : „I just stopped my Vespa PX 125 in São Gregório, a really small village just before the border between Portugal and Spain. I wanted to buy some portuguese beers to take to Brussels, where I would meet my friends Mathilde and António. Of course there are shops who sell portuguese beer, but a Super Bock bought and brought from Portugal would have a special taste! So I thought…

I waited for the family who owned the supermarket to have lunch and bought six Super Bock beers. After this, I was finally ready to leave Portugal!


As Spain is ‘just around the corner’ I didn’t visit a lot in this country. It took me three days to cross all the terrain through the amazingly beautiful Picos de Europa mountains and the Pyrenees.


Diogo in Front of Mont St.Miche in Francel
Diogo in Front of Mont St.Miche in Francel

I just entered France in Hendaye and headed up north. I knew the camping places would be pretty busy, since I knew this area from other trips I did. I wanted to reach Mimizan, where I thought it would be calmer and a camping place wouldn’t be difficult to find.

I entered France and it started pouring! The first time I had rain since I started my trip. No problem… I was equipped! When I got to Bayonne it was already sunny again, so I couldn’t blame… After taking some time to find my way up north through this city, I finally turned my ‘cruise control’ mode on until I was 30 kilometers away from Mimizan. As it was getting late I started stopping at some camping places to ask for a place.

Yeah… Right… I did not even had to enter the receptions, as there were signs at the gate telling me and everyone else that the camping was ‘complet’!

At this time of the story I must explain you something: When you ride your motorcycle/Vespa/Scooter, you tend to feel some kind of companionship for the other riders who share the road with you and it is quite normal, that when people on all kind of motorcycles cross on the road, they greet each other. I do it always and I happened to greet two bikers somewhere in Bayonne who were going on the opposite direction of mine.

Moving on…

Vou de Vespa Entering Poland
Vou de Vespa Entering Poland

As an act of despair I made an almost 15 kilometer diversion following a camping sign. As I got there two motorcycles where parked at the entrance. The first thing they told me was:
-It’s full (with a bit of french accent, putting some emphasis on the ‘u’). Hey, you passed in Bayonne some hours ago, didn’t you?
-Yes! Why?
-We saw you!

One of them had two little devil horns on the helmet and I recognized them… Remember the two guys I told you I greeted in Bayonne going the opposite direction? (I was the one going wrong after exiting a big roundabout…)

After talking for some minutes we decided to start looking for some place together… So a Vespa, a Yamaha Fazer and a Suzuki GSX-S1000 rode as a ‘gang’ through the roads of France. We were driving at my Vespas speed and we were laughing about that ourselves.

After some kilometers the Yamaha turned left onto a dirt road and there we were cruising slowly through earth and some parts with sand. After a while, in the middle of nowhere, we stopped and decided we would stay and camp there.

Making Motorcycle Friends in France
Making Motorcycle Friends in France

There we were… 3 guys on their bikes a beautiful sunset and… I didn’t had food! No problem… They gave me a bit of their sandwich… I had the beers! Portuguese beer bought in Portugal and shaken through Spain until there! It tasted better than ever… After 15 minutes we talked as we knew each other for years. And this is what riding is all about…


When I arrived in Brussels I got welcomed by Mathilde and Antonio who heard my Vespa and were at the window on the third floor waving at me! They came down to greet me at the door and first thing I get is a Super Bock for a toast! And this time they were cold! Cheers!

Now let me correct the first sentence of this text please…

Two months, 20684 kilometers, eighteen countries and a lot of stories…

This is my Vespa road trip from Sintra (Portugal) to Nordkapp (Norway) and back with a little diversion to visit the Piaggio Museum in Pontedera (Italy).“

Tour Map of the Vespa Travel Portugal North Cape
Tour Map of the Vespa Travel Portugal North Cape

Diogo Rosner Fragoso


Instagram: vou_de_vespa ( )

Youtube: Vou de Vespa ( )

Countries passed through: Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Netherland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia and Italy.