Today I present to you a great Vespista, Photographer and Person :

Simone on his Vespa GTS
Simone Borghini ( Photoinvespa ) on his Vespa GTS

ScooterBlogger: What is your name how old are you and where are you from ?

Simone:  My name is Simone Borghini, I am 47 years old, Italian and lives near Pontedera.

ScooterBlogger: When did your love for scooters start ?

Simone: My love for the Vespa began at age 15, I had a PK 50 covering more than 50,000 km in the area where I live.

ScooterBlogger: Are you in any club or do you ride solo ?

Simone: I am a member of the Vespa Club Monte Serra, for three years but often I travel alone.

ScooterBlogger: Which is your favourite scooter model of all time?

Simone:  Vespa Rally 200 and all Vespa models. For my use, it is essential mono gear so the GTS 300 is the top.

ScooterBlogger: What was your best trip ever on a Scooter ?

Simone: My best trip was in 2013, at Vespa World Days in Belgium.

ScooterBlogger: What was the longest Scooter Trip ?

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Simone: The longest trip was in 2012, at Vespa World Days in London.

ScooterBlogger: Did you win any scooter prizes so far?

Simone: Only some recognition for my work on a Vespa.

ScooterBlogger: What would you recommend a Scooter Travel Newby ?

Simone: Always travel with a head on their shoulders.

ScooterBlogger: What Spares/Tools do you usually take on a weekend ride ?

Simone: A tyre repair kit, basic spanner set, cable ties, electrical tape and most of all my special shoes.

Scooter Blogger: Thank you a lot Simone! Ride safe and keep taking such great pictures !

Here the link to his website:

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Simone and his Wife back in the days on his first Scooter !
Simone and his Wife back in the days on his first Scooter !

Simone : Thank you – I propose an interview with Simon Wynne on Face Book as Corradino D’asconio

and then Maurizio Trombetta

And here also a link to one of his great Vespa Photo Calenders :