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Scooter Club Features

Today I am happy to introduce the club features to this blog. In the Future I would like to introduce Vespa and Lambretta and general Scooter clubs and their members from all over the world to you.

Ladies First

First Club to be introduced is the pure female Vespa Club „Ladyscoot.Veronicaa“ based in Bogor City West Java. It was founded 2008 by the now 25 year old Female Scooter Fanatic Nelly from Indonesia, who was still a Teenager back then. I stumbled over them on Instagram where they are quite famous already even though the Club is rather small and you can find them here:photogrid_1477523787322

During the Interview Nelly explained, that her Club has just 7 Members because she was focused more on quality than quantity and it was hard to find the right members. Not only is it a pure female club but also has a focus on Vespa riders with a lot of Miles/Kilometers ridden and a certain Passion for Vespa Scooters Only. You can meet Nelly, Trigel, Rona, Suci, Nunu, Nadia and Riska at a lot of events all over Indonesia when they are not out and about  paddle boarding on one of the beautiful beaches of West Java.

3000 Kilometers and not even accidents can stop the Vespa Passion

Adventurous Rides in the Jungle on Vespa
Adventurous Rides in the Jungle on Vespa

Nelly also mentioned an incident during a Vespa Tour of one of her Members to explain the passion they have for the Vespa. Trigel was on a 3000 Kilometer Tour to the most western end of Indonesia riding solo through rather dangerous areas in rural indonesia where robbers and also animals pose a daily threat when she had an accident on her Scooter which knocked her unconscious from her scooter by a truck. She got rescued by locals and when the news spread withing the great Indonesian Vespa Community ( they even call each others brothers and sisters ) a lot of Scooterists came to halp Trigel with some of them travelling hundreds of kilometers to do so. Nelly points out that the accident was not able to stop their clubs passion for the Vespa because they believe it is the greatest vehicle ever created and trust in their Vespas to the point where they feel deeply connected to their rides.

Real Vespa Passion on 18.000 beautiful Islands : Indonesia

Nelly invites Scooterists from all over the world to come to visit one of the 18.000 beautiful islands of Indonesia to meet and greet the Indonesian Vespa Community and when you are in Bogor City West Java maybe drop Nelly a line and visit her and her friends for a Scooter Rideout!


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