Scooter Fashion at its best

This year in Summer my girlfriend Moni and I went on a nice long

Scooter Road Trip:  Scooter Shirt

Before we started we were contacted by Raul from ‚The Scooter Rider‘ if we would like to test their new collection of scarfs and t-shirts during our next trip and send them pictures from the ride. Vespa Shirt

We were 4600 kilometers and 18 days on the road and we had a looot of rain and bad weather on our way to Vespazahar and also a lot of adventure on our trip through Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Italy, France and Spain .

Great Quality and Creative Designs

The quality and looks of the shirts and scarfs Raul send to  us was incredible and I can only recommend them. They even kept form and colors when beeing hadwashed on campsites and we wore most shirts 2/3 days in a row to safe luggage. Colors and shape stayed nice and we are altogehter happy to recommend you to pass their shop and have a look yourself at :  The Scooter Rider

“ The Scooter Rider „is a Company based in Alicante Spain and was founded by 2 Scooter Entuthiasts in 2013. Fueled by their passion for Scootering and a sense for friendship, freedom and gasoline fumes they design and produce their own products directly in spain and for a daily growing fanbase all over the world.

Vespa Bandana