Interview with Vespista Suresh Kumar

Vespa Scooter on the Coast of California
Sureshs´ Vespa Scooter on the Coast of California

ScooterBlogger: What is your name how old are you and where are you from ?

Suresh: Suresh Kumar, 47 from Bakersfield, California U.S.A.

ScooterBlogger: When did your love for scooters start ?

Suresh: Since 1983 when I was 13 years old.

ScooterBlogger: Are you in any club or do you ride solo ?

Suresh: Not in a club- I ride with my son & my Dad, 3 Generations on Vespa!

ScooterBlogger: Which is your favourite scooter model of all time?

Suresh: Vespa PX200

ScooterBlogger: What was your best trip ever on a Scooter ?

Suresh: San Diego, California – Ensenada, Mexico – Tecate, Mexico – San Diego, California

ScooterBlogger: What was the longest Scooter Trip ?

Suresh: October 2016: Flew to Oregon and rode 1291 KM in 18 hours (one day) back home to Bakersfield, CA

ScooterBlogger: Did you win any scooter prizes so far ?

Suresh: NOT YET.

ScooterBlogger: What would you recommend a Scooter Travel Newby ?

Suresh: Travelling on a Vespa will have a profound impact on your life. It will create new experiences for you, strangers will approach you and strike up conversations about your Vespa! You may even get invited for a coffee or dinner.

ScooterBlogger: What Spares/Tools do you usually take on a weekend ride ?

Suresh: I always carry an air pump, basic tools & spanners, rubber gloves, extra oil, and a positive attitude.

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ScooterBlogger: Thanks a lot for the Interview and ride safe !