Interview with Scooterist Peter from New Zealand:

ScooterBlogger: What is your name how old are you and where are you from?

Peter: Peter Cooper a.k.a. The Beatnik Bedouin, from Waihi, New Zealand and so old I have seen friends on The History Channel!

ScooterBlogger: When did your love for scooters start?

Peter: I’m really a hot rodder, at heart, but love anything mechanical. I got into scooters fairly late in life, around 25 years ago.

ScooterBlogger: Are you in any club or do you ride solo ?

Peter: I am in Vespa Club NZ, but tend to ride on my own

ScooterBlogger: Which is your favourite scooter model of all time?

Peter: That’s a tough question, but if I had to choose only one, it would be a CZ Druzetta, just for its bizarre styling and Czech reliability.

ScooterBlogger: What was your best trip ever on a Scooter ?

Peter: So far, probably my recent trip from Abbottabad to Khunjared and back to Gilgit, Pakistan.

ScooterBlogger: What was the longest Scooter Trip?

Peter: 2700 kms, total, to do the Motoretta TT, a four-day, 1600 km endurance ride for classic scooters. I rode to and from the event, as well.

ScooterBlogger: Did you win any scooter prizes so far ?

Peter: I haven’t, but Fulmine Bianco, my Vespa 50S came in second in class at a classic motorbike show a few years ago. It lost to a museum-quality Fuji Rabbit.

ScooterBlogger: What would you recommend a Scooter Travel Newby ?

Peter: Take riding lessons – they’ll save your life!

ScooterBlogger: What Spares/Tools do you usually take on a weekend ride ?

Peter: Spare cables, spark plug, oil, fuel, a tyre repair kit, tyre pump (stolen off my ’59 VeloSoleX!), basic spanner set, screwdriver set, cable ties and electrical tape.

 ScooterBlogger: Thank you for the Interview and always ride safe !

Peter: Thank you , Tschuss !

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Here you can also find a link to his Blog on FB with more photos and stories from his trip.

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