Hello Dear Scooterist and Reader !

First of all I want to say thanks that you passed by to read some of my stories or contribute to the picture I intend to draw of the worldwide scooterist community. This page is dedicated to tell the stories of brave scooter travelers, introduce some real scooterist personalities and legends as well as introducing as many worldwide clubs as possible to show a part of this multicultural, multiethnic and colorful subculture. We have out there the Collectors, Racers, Customisers, Travelers and the Daily Drivers. All of them fuelled by a passion around the classic scooters and contributing to a worldwide network that is so full of history and stories and love that it actually is more of a family than a movement. All around the classic scooters like Piaggio´s Vespa, Lambretta, LML and Bajaj Chetak and some more.

This page is dedicated to the great members of that family and trying to show some of the achievments and the family life 😉 ! If you would like to contribute anything to this blog do not hesitate to contact me or leave a comment on the blog ! Enjoy the read !

Best Regards

Markus Mayer

Roadtrip Renegade