An Automatic Scooter Adventure

dilip baam Honda Scooter Traveler
Dilip Bam at a Speach in India about his journey through Sahara

A few days ago some friends made me aware on Facebook that 1991 some indians have crossed the Sahara on 100 cc Honda Lead Scooters in India called Honda Kinetic. I googled a bit and found some small reports from India about a man named Dilip Bam. He was a teacher and a motorcycle journalist who tested many bikes.

He was the first to ride on an expedition on 2 Honda automatic scoots accompanied by a jeep over a distance of  about 6000 Kilometers only navigating with a compass. Back in December 1991 there was no GPS or other Navigation Technics available. It was a hardcore test on the reliability of the scooters and the endurance or their riders !

Unfortunately there was not too much information available on the Scooter Expedition of this brave indian scooterist. But here I have a link to a speech he gave in 2015 :

Honda Lead in the Desert
Honda Lead Scooter in the Desert – Hardcore Scootering