Capital Scootering Club

Capital Scootering Club Summer Ride 2016
Capital Scootering Club Summer Ride 2016
A retro modern classic scooter club based in Delhi, India
The largest of Delhi, Indian capital and one of the largest (by
number) and happening clubs of India.
Founded in January 2014 by Shubham Sharma and Amit Singh Bedi.
Active member count is 20 and the number keeps on increasing. Average
rally figure is 15 Members.

Bi-monthly rides of distance 30 kilometres to scenic and forgotten
monuments of Delhi.

Planning one annual long distance trip of around 150-200 kilometres.
We have a strong presence on Facebook and WhatsApp.

Capital Scootering Club Autumn Ride 2016
Capital Scootering Club Autumn Ride 2016
Riders are of all ages, from all walks of the life. Youngest member as
young as 20 and oldest member as old as 60. There are former
commercial pilots, students, mechanics, corporate managers, retired
officers, and people from many professions.
One of our members made a 800 kilometres round trip recently (Delhi –
Chandigarh – Kasauli – Chandigarh – Delhi).

Club can be contacted via WhatsApp (9829853519 Shubham, 9810368175
Amit) or on Facebook:

Club promotes classic scooter scene and includes scooters from SIL,
API, Vespa, LML, and Bajaj.
Scooters range from a Lambretta D150 to a LML NV. There are some rare
Indian scooters such as Vespa T5, Rajhans, and Lambretta Li Series 1

Capital Scootering Club Logo
Capital Scootering Club Logo

Club is non-profit and all the expenses are borne equally by the members.
We provide mechanical assistance, spares, and restoration services.

CSC Dheli India Scootering Club
Group Photo of Capital Scootering Club New Dheli India