Interview Stephanie – a with a female long distance scooter traveler from the USA

Stephanie and her faithfull Vespa
Stephanie and her faithfull Vespa
Scooter Blogger: What is your name how old are you and where are you from ?
250 Superhero : My name is Stephanie Yue. I’m 32, and from the United States.
Scooter Blogger: When did your love for scooters start ?
250 Superhero : I always thought they were cool, but it wasn’t until 2009 I picked up one of the last scooters from Javaspeed in Providence, RI, before they closed. The riding bug bit me, so I took a safety course for my motorcycle license, got a motorcycle, a Vespa, and now another Vespa.
Scooter Blogger: Are you in any club or do you ride solo?
250 Superhero : I joke that Ogre and I are the only two people in the Death or Glory Scooter Club, but the vast majority of miles I ride are solo. I’m friends with lots of great people I meet through clubs across the US, and helped Pete Surber launch the Post Mods Scooter Squad in San Francisco.
Scooter Blogger: Which is your favourite scooter model of all time?
250 Superhero : Tough one. I like my 2009 GTS 250, but I’ve also ridden it the most. Maybe I just like it because it’s mine.
Ever since reading Peter S Beagle’s book, I See By My Outfit, I find a bit of magic in the Heinkel Tourist.
Scooter Blogger: What was your best trip ever on a Scooter ?
250 Superhero : In May 2014, I set off to ride to each corner of the US. About 35k miles and 15 months later, I checked the last corner off my list… after riding through 48 US states, a bit of Canada, and halfway down Baja Mexico. I’d given up my apartment before I left though, so I kept going, crossing the country again and leaving my bike in California. It’s my best trip yet because it hasn’t ended, and because of all the great people I’ve met along the way. I keep a blog about the experience:
Scooter Blogger: Did you win any scooter prizes so far ?
250 Superhero : I have a handful of Furthest Ridden trophies (go figure). Eventually I’d have to stop counting, so there’s one Gymkhana prize and a Best Spanish Lambretta from Duluth Lammy Jammy (that’s actually Fred’s bike).
Scooter Blogger: What would you recommend a Scooter Travel Newby ?
250 Superhero : Don’t worry about packing for every eventuality. Travel inspires resourcefulness, you’ll find a way.
Scooter Blogger: What Spares/Tools do you usually take on a weekend ride ?
250 Superhero : It depends on the bike. I’ll take at least a tire kit and pump. For the P200, there’s a small tool bag of wrenches, some cables, spark plug, and I’ll check the spare tire is ok. I say this, but if it’s just a weekend I’ll probably just take off.
Scooter Blogger: Please tell me the name of a scooter personality that should be interviewed on my blog !
250 Superhero : I’ve been following Juvena, the Wandering Wasp, on her epic journeys!
Here are a few links to some photos, and some attached ones. I have so many photos from journeys, it’s hard to choose!
250 Superhero Travel Vespa                         "
250 Superhero Travel Vespa
Also lambrettas are fun
Also lambrettas are fun!

Stephanie on an oldschool Vespa

Scooter Blogger:
Thank you Stephanie – you are truely an inspiration for many and I hope that we meet in person one day to share some travel anecdotes and a drink. Ride safe !