Interview Scooter Personality and Photographer  Marko Markovic aka Vespa Cap10 from Belgrade

Marko at the Distinguished Gentleman Ride on his Vespa
Marko at the Distinguished Gentleman Ride on his Vespa

Scooter Blogger: What is your name how old are you and where are you from ?

Marko Markovic: Marko, soon to be 45, Belgrade – Serbia

Scooter Blogger: When did your love for scooters start ?

Marko Markovic: 1999 i got my first scooter as a payment for the work i have done.

Scooter Blogger: Are you in any club or do you ride solo ?

Marko Markovic: Solo rider, few friends along, also vespa enthusiasts.

Part of Buena VespaSocial Club an international network of Vespa Clubs and Riders

Scooter Blogger: Which is your favourite scooter model of all time?

Marko Markovic: Vespa PX200e no doubt about it

Scooter Blogger: What was your best trip ever on a Scooter ?

Marko Markovic: Road to Pontedera in 2013, home of the vespa. visiting the piaggio foundation museum, the piaggio factory and many more places including beautiful Tuscany.

Scooter Blogger: Did you win any scooter prizes so far ?

Marko Markovic: nope. not in for prices, pure joy.

Please tell me the name of a scooter personality that should be interviewed on my blog !

Marko Markovic: Sean Jordan – Vespa Globe Trotter, Cristi Turin – president of VC Romania and a dear friend

Scooter Blogger: Thanks a lot my dear friend and always ride safe !

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